Words for the Future | a publication series

Words for the Future is a project by Nienke Scholts

Launched during the 100 Days is the project and publication series Words for the Future: a search for words that prescribe futures in several ways and help us to imagine them. 

Ten thinkers from various knowledge fields outside of the art where approached by Nienke Scholts with the question to propose a word, a word for the future, and to unfold its world in an essay. These texts are at this point being written by among others experimental architect Rachel Armstrong, sociologist Gurur Ertem, pan-African writers collective Jalada, linguist Dan Armstrong, ecologist Ashish Kothari, and journalist Ash Sarkar. 

Their words - who will be reveiled later on ! - Nienke uses as starting point in conversation with ten artists, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Sarah Moeremans and others. 

From it artistic reponses are destilled that form another vision to the proposed word.

Each word, and both these visions, are then 'staged' seperatedly in a series of objectlike booklets designed and published by Print the Future

By making this series part of the 100 Day House program of Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam, the arisen discourse is actualised in the theatre space and brought in interaction with the audience.