Become a housemate

Become a Veem Housemate!

Veem is happy to introduce 10x10! Ten stories of Veem’s Future. This season, for ten times ten days Veem will manifest itself as the place to be for dance and performance art - for our artists, audience, for Amsterdam and the international community. But what is a house without its housemates?

If you decide to become our Housemate, we will give you the key to Veem. The key gives you access to our events during all ten editions. Shows and performances, Veem House Dinners, open rehearsals, Chi Kung sessions, you name it.

Veem just isn’t complete without its Housemates. Together we make Veem into a home where we can reflect and inspire. We can’t wait to meet new Housemates who are curious about us and want to support us. 

How does it work?

  • Register as a Housemate by filling out the form on our website. 
  • We will send you a confirmation e-mail.
  • Once the payment and administration is done, we will send the key to Veem House for Performance to your home address.
  • The key includes a code that buys you a personal ticket for any of our events.
  • On our website, choose the event you would like to join and simply use your personal code to reserve your spot. 
  • Make sure to reserve your ticket on time. Your house key doesn’t guarantee admission to a sold-out event. 
  • Therefore, make sure to book your ticket ahead by using your personal code.
  • Bring your house key to Veem. We look forward to welcoming you at the box office!

Become a housemate


The Housemate membership - valid for 10 x 10 days in the coming season 2019/2020 - costs €100. It gives you free admission (if available) to all events of the 10 x 10 Days House, throughout the entire season.

Housemate discount

We want to make sure that Veem House for Performance is as accessible as possible. That’s why we’re also offering the Housemate membership at a discount price. If for whatever reason you cannot afford the €100, you can choose to become a housemate for €75. The deal is the exact same and your choice will remain anonymous. We only ask you to consider what’s reasonable for you and we will be happy to welcome you!

Housemate plus

If you as our Housemate are able to and wish to support the 100 Day House even more, we would be very appreciative of a donation. You can become a Housemate Plus and simply specify the amount yourself. It will remain anonymous. If you would like more info about this first, please contact We are happy to talk to you about it! Good to know: donations are tax-deductible in the Netherlands thanks to the amazing Giving Act (Geefwet) and our status as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI).

The information collected by us is for the specific purpose of delivering your Housemates key. We guarantee you that we will treat your information in respect of the new GDPR privacy rules.

A housemate:

The first ten-day period is from 14 to 23 November 2019. From then on, your key of the 10 x 10 Days House will open the door to:

  • ALL EVENTS organized by Veem House for Performance. Shows, performances, open rehearsals, Chi Kung sessions, workshops...
  • The special Housemate newsletter that tells you all about our schedule, special events and the latest news.
  • Housemate sessions to discuss Veem and its (future) activities.

* The Housemate Key doesn’t guarantee the access to the activity if it is already sold out. We invite you to reserve one personal ticket online for each event you wish to attend beforehand.