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Currently we don’t have a public program

We want to provide space, time and attention for artists to research, experiment and develop their work in dialogue with others. We aim to create space for counter proposals to what is already known, to allow for encounters that may not be comfortable; maybe even uncomfortable but are fruitful in the end. We wish to create possibilities for new insights, unheard stories and dare to dream of new ways of being.

Right now, we cannot put all our attention to these goals. Our attention is fixed on simply trying to exist.

It is clear, Dutch art policies are not set up for unfinished work or research, which is what Veem House does and strives to make possible. We are not the only ones who could become a casualty. We cannot solve this problem by ourselves.

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30 December 2022

00:00 — 00:00

Past events

28 September 2022