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Some Name Some Noun Simply

Nicoline van Harskamp

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Some Name Some Noun Simply is a performative work written and directed by Nicoline van Harskamp. It departs from the language spoken in her 2016 short film “PDGN”: a future link language built up from the ‘ruins’ of today’s global English. She created this language by applying distorting factors to existing non-standard forms of English. These ‘distorters’  include characteristics of English currently spoken between non-native speakers; rules of link languages created in fiction; and traits of Creole languages from the past and present. 

She will now present this language for a live audience in a short play that is set in a not too distant future. Global travel, global trade and global languages have disappeared. People still move around the planet but much less quickly and frequently. On the way, they use a link-language that cannot be taught but only learned in practice. 

Some Name Some Noun Simply’s three protagonists arrive from different parts of the world at a place they call the Onomasticon. It is a former site where names were inflicted on people, or taken away from people, such as an immigration office or city hall. To them, it is a memorial site for a redundant system where names were tools of surveillance, and a currency in data-mining industries. And although they are happy that the linguistic injury of naming has been put to an end, they each still have their sensitivities in relation to it. These come to light in their short encounter, which ends in an attempt to rename each other using nouns and verbs only.  

In short public sessions with the artist, visitors can familiarize themselves with the structure of the language of “Some Name Some Noun Simply”, in order to follow the 25 minute live piece. The program of the performance day allows to do this prior to or after watching the live performance, or both. Visitors may learn to construct their own words and phrases in it and thus contribute to its development.

8 oktober 2017


16.30 doors open

17.00 first performance

17.30 Q&A and drinks    

18.30 second performance

19.00 Q&A and drinks

20.00 third performance

20.30 Q&A and drinks 

Vistors welcome throughout the afternoon and evening.ée
No admissions allowed during performance times.

Nicoline van Harskamp is an artist whose current works examine the use and the properties of a future spoken global language. Her previous projects include “Yours in Solidarity”, which addressed the very recent history of anarchism through a correspondence archive, and was presented in different stages of completion in Mexico City, Frankfurt, London, Shanghai, Zagreb, Bombay and Montreal. Her live pieces, among which are “Expressive Power Series” and “A Romance in Five Acts and Twenty-one Englishes”, were staged at Tate Modern, London; KunstWerke, Berlin; Witte de With, Rotterdam; New Museum, New York; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Arnolfini, Bristol; Serralves Foundation, Porto; and Kaaitheater, Brussels. She is a Professor for Performative Art at the University of Fine Arts in Münster.

Official website

Stage Performance:
Serge Fouha, Kenneth Philip George and Monica Reyes

Stephanie Pan

Script, direction and production:
Nicoline van Harskamp

Archive Kabinett/Let-there-be/Scriptings, Berlin

The Amsterdam staging of this piece was made possible by:
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

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