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Stella Kruusamägi over haar artistic exchange residency bij Veem

23 mei 2023 — door Veem House for Performance

Begin 2023 deden MDT in Stockholm en Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam een open oproep voor twee onderzoeksresidenties voor danskunstenaars. De gekozen kunstenaars waren Stella Kruusamägi uit Stockholm en Reza Mirabi uit Amsterdam. We waren verheugd om Stella in mei in het Veem House te ontvangen! Reza gaat in oktober naar Stockholm voor een residentie bij MDT.

Stella over haar ervaring:

The exchange residency I participated in was eye-opening, making me realize the immense value of such programs. It involved immersing myself in a new environment, understanding the rhythms of life, and deepening my connection to the artistic pulse of the place. This experience provided insights into the management, development, and longevity of art scenes and venues.

Furthermore, this residency had a profound impact on my studio practice, as it influenced and shaped my artistic investigations in unexpected ways. The new space I was located in brought forth fresh perspectives and inspired me to venture into unexplored artistic territories.

Additionally, I enjoyed meetings with Reza. Our casual walks and conversations unraveled an unexpected artistic transformation. These exchanges not only added depth to my own understanding but also laid the groundwork for future dialogues. I imagine Reza as a potential collaborator with whom I would like to continue this organic exchange of ideas.

Foto: Stella & Reza in Amsterdam

Deze artistic exchange residency is een project van het Life Long Burning Network (met support van de Europese Unie).