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Bâtard Festival Amsterdam 2018

24 oktober 2018

7—11 November in Veem House for Performance

For the third time in its existence, scattered among the last years, this Brussels festival extends its time and space from Beursschouwburg and Decoratelier in Brussels to travel and migrate into Veem House for Performance rooms.

A festival presenting international emerging makers and thinkers, but not only…

Bâtard Festival brings together a bewildering mix of theatre, dance, performance, film, plus discursive program.

Bâtard means bastard. But it also stands for hybrid, raw and cutting edge works. The title can never do justice, since Bâtard, just like the work it presents, will always try to work around labels and categories and question those labels instead.

What we can say is that this year again, Bâtard will show more than ten outspoken works in Brussels and Amsterdam. And that in both cities, the work will be varying from dance to cinema to go beyond them, exploring what is and can be the new festival in the future.

A festival that wields the trouble as a free possibility for a future which can be a supportive and unpacked platform for the art practitioners and a broader public.


Dag 1: Woensdag 7 November 2018, vanaf 19:00

— ACTION / TRADITION / COUVERCLE door Anne-Lise le Gac (performance)

— [A SEQUENCE III] door Mario Barrantes Espinoza (performance)

Dag 2: Donderdag 8 November 2018, vanaf 19:00

— Échangeur door Anne Reijniers & Rob Jacobs (film)*

— Blue Skies Forever door buren (performance)*

Dag 3: Vrijdag 9 November 2018, vanaf 19:00

— INDISPENSIBLE BLUE door Bryana Fritz (performance)

— In our eyes, a cascade. door Clara Amaral (lecture performance)*

Dag 4: Zaterdag 10 November 2018, vanaf 17:00

— SELF LIFE DRAWING door Eunkyung Jeong, vanaf 17:00 (video installatie)

— Veem Huis Diner #3, om 17:00 (interactie)

— Softcore – a Hardcore Encounter door Lisa Vereertbrugghen (performance)*

— Where Do You Wanna Go Today (Variations) door Mathias Ringgenberg aka PRICE (performance)

Dag 5: Zondag 11 November 2018, vanaf 15:30

— Words for the Future | completed series launch door Nienke Scholts (discourse)

— Wanderings of a Flaming Body door Sara Hamadeh (performance)*

— What is the new Festival | public talk door Lara Staal & andere gast curatoren (discourse)

— Launch Newspaper #2 | Dag 50 (discourse)

(*=Nederlandse premières)

Bâtard Festival Amsterdam 2018 is mede mogelijk gemaakt door Fonds Podiumkunsten, Beursschouwburg and Bâtard Festival Brussel.