In our eyes, a cascade by Clara Amaral

9 November 2018, 19.00; 20 December 2018, 20.00

Written and Performed by

Clara Amaral

Dialogue Partners

Susan Gibb, Emilio Moreno and Nienke Scholts

Sound Design by

Stephan Blumenschein

Stage Design by

Clara Amaral and Stephan Blumenschein

Light Design by

Mirko Lazović

Assistant editor

Jacob Dwyer

Produced by

Veem House for Performance

Co-produced by

Bâtard Festival and ICI-CCN de Montpellier / Occitanie as part of Life Long Burning project supported by the European commission

Supported by

Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst


CAMPO, BUDA, CI-CCN de Montpellier

With thanks to

Anne Breure, The unstoppable Veem House for Performance team, and Esther Arribas, André Chapatte, Philippe Digneffe, Matias Daporta Gonzalez, Suzanne Kollen, Becket Mingwen, Steve Martin Snider, Eva Susova, Rieke Vos and Ciarán Wood

The water races down, through the slopes, through  the rocks, through the moss. It keeps on falling, through the rocky top. As it falls, every time, at all times, a shift in perspective.

In this performance, Clara Amaral explores the fall of a smartphone and the shifts in perspective that come with it. Just like a cascade that keeps on falling again and again -  downward and onward - Clara Amaral stares into the same surface in order to produce porosity, depth and poetics.

Clara Amaral graduated from SNDO in 2013 and is currently doing her MA at the Dutch Art Institute. Her last work "Do you remember that time we were together and danced this or that dance?" premiered in Julidans in 2017 and was presented in Veem House for Performance, Amsterdam, and in Something Raw Festival at Frascati, Amsterdam. This work has also been presented in Circular in Vila do Conde and in Festival Temps D’Images in Lisbon.

In 2018 her publication "The distance between your voice and my voice is what your eyes can read but I can’t say" was part of "Sleeping with a Vengeance, Dreaming of a Life", a group show curated by Ruth Noack, with iterations in Athens and Prague. 

Her texts have been published in the Theaterkrant and in Contemporary Cruising. As a performer she collaborated with Ivana Muller, Oneka von Schrader and Becket Mingwen.

"In our eyes, a cascade" premiered in Bâtard Festival (November 2018).

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