Heartscore | Maarten Heijnens & Anthony van Gog

Anthony van Gog and Maarten Heijnens are currently working on their second physical partiture Heartscore in Veem House for Performance. […]

An attendee | Antonia Steffens

Through a set of spaces and moments ‘An attendee’ explores the potential relationship of the human species to relate to the grounds it is existing upon.

I, Phone | Rob Smorenberg

A performance that meanders through the life of the digital human through a series of physical etudes; from scrolling, swiping and tapping to an intimate tinder date.

OMNI TOXICA | Paula Chaves Bonilla

A journalistic and forensic performative ritual on the history of Coca and how it passed from being a green, sacred, medicinal plant into a whitewashed, capitalist, toxic product: cocaine.


Nico Roses

During a two week residency, Nico Roses researches how a community can produce a “solo”.

Timothy Nouzak

During his residency Timothy Nouzak will further develop the score-practice he’s currently working on.

Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen & Antonia Steffens

During their residency, Antonia Steffens and Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen are continuing the process of ‘Spinner’.

“House artists”


An Amsterdam-based artist collective that creates performances, present workshops, devise publications, and propose alternative curatorial models.


A Dutch performance collective consisting of Hidde Aans-Verkade, Koen van der Heijden and creative producer Rick Busscher.

Paula Chaves Bonilla

A Colombian artist and activist with a background in contemporary dance, choreography, theatre and circus.