ROTOR #3 – Sisyphus Machine | ROTOR

A ladder with no ending. A cyclical machine of repetition. Two bodies that relate to it, over and over again. […]

Crowdkill | Anthony van Gog

Enter the world of crowdkill, Anthony van Gog’s latest performance, where an intense bass sound predominates. Surrounded by four mega […]

Don’t clap for Crap | Vincent Riebeek

Remake of an indecent contemporary cult classic. The duet Don’t clap for Crap (not another shit show) is a remake of Kein Applaus […]


GARDENING is a two-week creative incubator in which four dance/mime/performance artists are given the opportunity to simmer and grow new […]

MOHA_Carehood_Photo: Denise Amber

Carehood | MOHA & Biljana Radinoska

Care smells like tea. All warm. Offered at home. Care can be very sweet but it can also be rotten. […]

Anne Lise Le Gac - La Caresse du Coma

La Caresse du Coma ft. YOLO | Anne Lise Le Gac

A performance that consists of multiple chapters to redefine our relationship with the other.

Hendrik Van Maele Ways of being ready

Ways of being ready | Hendrik Van Maele

In a physical encounter, two artists practice the art of ‘being ready’.

Body Drift | Mami Kang

With the performance Body Drift, choreographer Mami Kang intends to create a state of constant morphing. With dream-like fragments, voice, […]

Billy Mullaney - The Glory Machine

The Glory Machine | Billy Mullaney

A performance that consists of filming and editing a promotional trailer for the performance itself.

She gave it to me I got it from her | Clara Amaral

Clara Amaral explores how a book can host a choreography.

House of Desaparecidxs | Paula Chaves Bonilla

Paula Chaves Bonilla dives into her mother’s legacy and history as a young militant activist woman in the 70’s in Colombia.

Erosion | ROTOR

In a seemingly endless cycle, two men search for a way through the mountains they have created around them.

Heartscore | Anthony van Gog

A physical score conducted by a live beating heart.

An attendee | Antonia Steffens

‘An attendee’ explores the potential relationship of the human species to relate to the grounds it is existing upon.

I, Phone | Rob Smorenberg

A performance that meanders through the life of the digital human through a series of physical etudes; from scrolling, swiping and tapping to an intimate tinder date.

OMNI TOXICA | Paula Chaves Bonilla

A journalistic and forensic performative ritual on the history of Coca and how it passed from being a green, sacred, medicinal plant into a whitewashed, capitalist, toxic product: cocaine.


Amparo González Sola

In her residency at BAU, Amparo González Sola begins researching a new work that grows out of some seeds she […]

Flavia Pinheiro

About Flavia Flavia Pinheiro is a Brazilian choreographer and researcher currently based in Amsterdam. Her research foregrounds networks of resilience […]

Stella Kruusamägi x Reza Mirabi

Early 2023, MDT in Stockholm and Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam had an open call for two research residencies […]

Anthony van Gog_Veem House_Amsterdam

Anthony van Gog

After his composition Heartscore, Anthony van Gog is working on a new physical performance. Inspired by Julia Kristeva’s notion of abjection, […]

Oda Brekke

Early 2021, MDT in Stockholm and Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam had an open call for two research residencies […]

Charlotte Gillain

During a two-week residency at Veem House, Charlotte Gillain wants to explore how a body can house multiple identities. She […]

Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen

Early 2021, MDT in Stockholm and Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam had an open call for two research residencies […]

Simon van Schuylenbergh

Artist Simon Van Schuylenberg (BE) is currently in residence at Veem House – a collaboration with De Brakke Grond. This […]

Vincent Riebeek

Vincent Riebeek is in Veem House for Performance for a two-week residency to work on his new piece ‘Uchronia’.

Nico Roses

During a two week residency, Nico Roses researches how a community can produce a “solo”.

Timothy Nouzak

During his residency Timothy Nouzak worked with ten Amsterdam based performers to further develop his ‘score-practice’.

Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen & Antonia Steffens

During their residency, Antonia Steffens and Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen are continuing the process of ‘Spinner’.

House artists


MOHA operates outside conventional art institutions, in public spaces and with specific communities, aiming to shatter our personal bubbles and connecting with the day-to-day realities of people we might otherwise never encounter.


A Dutch performance collective consisting of Hidde Aans-Verkade, Koen van der Heijden.

Paula Chaves Bonilla

A Colombian artist and activist with a background in contemporary dance, choreography, theatre and circus.