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Your support is vital! With minimal resources we try to keep the Mime, Dance and Performance scene in Amsterdam alive but we can get all the help we need. Especially in these precarious times. There are many ways in which you can support us, the artists and the community. Not only by buying tickets for our program, but also by becoming a Housemate or by providing a donation.


Starting from September 2021, it’s possible to become a Veem Housemate again! Our Housemates form a group of people who all share a love for Mime, Dance and Performance and you are more than welcome to join!

By becoming one of our housemates you directly support the scene in Amsterdam and get to experience all that we have to offer in the field of dance, performance and mime: from startling dance performances by upcoming artists to discursive evenings and vibrant Veem House Dinners. Together we turn Veem House for Performance into a home: a space to meet, exchange and share discourse, a place where we can think together and generate new ideas.

One of the perks of being a Veem Housemate is that you get access to two different activities from our program each month (free to choose). Plus you’ll get to go to our special Housemate evenings to gather and exchange with other Housemates (3 times a year).

Soon more!

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Contribute to the Mime, Dance & Performance scene in Amsterdam by providing a donation to Veem House for Performance. Big or small, everything is welcome! With your donation we are able to provide more opportunities for young mime/dance/performance makers, host residencies, give room for experiment, do maintenance work in the theatre and keep our entry fees low.

Good to know: donations are tax-deductible in the Netherlands thanks to the amazing Giving Act (Geefwet) and our status as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI).

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