Time (working title) — research presentation by Students Mime School and Theatercollectief Schwalbe

2 October 2015, 20.00; 3 October 2015, 22.00


Students Mime School and Theatercollectief Schwalbe

Sue-Anne Bel, Jasper Koopmans, Hali Neto, Ivar Schutte, Luuk Weers, Anna Bentivegna, and Koen van der Heijden


Huib Folmer

With thanks to

Loes van der Pligt

Theatre collective Schwalbe and the 2nd and 3rd years students of the Mime School are researching different facets of time and duration. So, they watched ‘Cathedra’ of Newman for five hours, did three hours of putting on and off as much cloths as possible, and spend three ours building a high sand mountain.

On Friday two and Saturday three October you are welcome to spent some time with Schwalbe and the mime students during their research presentation.

Schwalbe is a collective known for performances in which they push physical limits time and again.

The research is the first phase of a larger artistic project on time with which Schwalbe premieres in February. In January they will be back at Veem for a three week residency.