Unfolding Routines #6 - The Cemetery by MOHA Project

Concept and performance

MOHA Project

Have you ever woken up in the morning not knowing anymore why you do what you do and perhaps wishing to find a new meaning again? You look around, the world is falling apart, you feel overloaded and you just don’t know where to start? Unfortunately there is no solution to this problem. But there is a way, a quite effective strategy that we have developed, which could also help you my friend, to live with it.

So if you are stuck in your profession, uninspired, bored, unmotivated. Then it is perhaps time to put your working clothes on and begin to Unfold Routines. Meaning: step out of your own routine and join the one of the other. Direct effect guaranteed.

This time MOHA invites you into the world of a cemetery. A place with no judgement, where everyone is accepted because once you are dead, you are dead no matter what you did before. 

Unfolding Routines #6 - The Cemetery takes place at St Barbara Cemetery, Spaarndammerdijk 312, 1014 AA Amsterdam