3 for MTD van SNDO

25 & 26 april 2016, 19.00



It has become almost as a tradition; Veem is much looking forward to host again the annual collaboration of the Modern Theatre Dance department and School for New Dance Development, in which the SNDO3 students (the choreography department) get a carte blanche to create a choreography for the dancers of MTD2. Together they get to experience all facets of creating an autonomous work – and the responsibility that comes with that freedom. Future dance talents get the opportunity to work with fellow students to find out what a choreographer wants, is capable of, and can expect from a dancer. Just as they will experience later in the professional field, the exploration of possibilities and search for solutions are at the heart of the collaboration between choreographer and dancer, to establish inspiring presentations of their new work.


Juan Pablo Camara, Duan Chengbei, Sigrid Stigsdatter, Mao Nakagawa, Estefano Romani, Tea Teearu and Andrea de Zavala


Annabel Reid, Pontus Fager, Matija Franjes, Kim Verbeke, Fleur Wijsman, Lucija Bozicevic, Federica Dalla Pozza, Ambra Nova, Lorenzo Koppenaal, Andrea Pisano, Goda Zukuskaite, Jarek Kruczek, Jessica Gil Ferrao, Annamaria Klajnscek, Noa van Tichel, Emmi Hakala, Minouche van de Ven, Fabian Modin and Yulia Kalinchenko