Body of Knowledge by Samara Hersch

27 March 2020, 20.00; 28 March 2020, 12.30; 28 March 2020, 20.00

Concept and performance

Samara Hersch


Maria Rößler

Artistic advice

Edit Kaldor, Mette Ingvartsen

Set design

Belle Santos

Lighting design

Jenny Hector

Creative Technologist

Fred Rodrigues

artistic support

Kobbe Koopman, Simone French, Karlijn Clocheret

Special thanks to

all the teenage performers, Edit Kaldor, Emma Rekkers, Malu Peeters, Eva Alonso, Tony Markus Sacharias, Richard Gregory, colleagues and staff DAS Graduate School.


Places are very limited in this intimate performance so secure your spot by booking ahead of time.

In the frame of our 10x10 program, considering modes of discourse production, feel welcome for a unique intergenerational and intercontinental conversation called Body of Knowledge by Samara Hersch (Australian theatre maker and graduate of Das Theatre). 

This intimate work, performed by teenagers who call into the theatre from abroad on mobile phones, is a powerful meditation on age and change: changes to bodies, changes in attitude, and changes to life. Questions of boundaries, sexuality, pleasure, shame, pain, consent, ageing, grief, death and the future are all on the table as teens from around the globe chat with the audience in real time from their bedrooms. Body of Knowledge is a surprising, challenging, and tender experience exploring how we pay attention (or not) to our own and others’ bodies co-existing in time and space.

Dutch Premiere

Samara Hersch 

Samara is a theatre maker, director and teaching artist whose practice explores the intersection of contemporary performance and community engagement. She recently completed her Masters at Das Theatre in Amsterdam. Her current research is an exploration into public acts of intimacy, particularly through imagining new performative frames for non- professional performers and audiences to inhabit. She is a recent recipient of the Zürcher Theater Spektakel Patronage Prize alongside collaborator Lara Thoms for the work We All Know What’s Happening.