In dialogue

Long Now Lab #3: Art and Activism (sold out)

26 September 2020, 15.00

Guided by

Paula Chaves


Ernst van Deursen

- Long Now Lab #3 is sold out -

This September, Veem House relaunches the Long Now Lab: a long term focus group growing over five sessions named Art and Activism: Movement from the micro to the macro. Guided by artist and activist Paula Chaves, with a different guest joining Paula each session.

In the Long Now Lab a small group of people gather regularly for performances and work-and-think sessions at Veem House for Performance. We invite participants to go deeper: through conversation, imagination and workshops, with the aim of collectively creating ideas and proposals. Long Now refers to long-term thinking and the awareness that the present is part of the future. We create a laboratory where we can work and experiment together, where we can put ideas and proposals into practice. 

‘Movement’ in its different connotations -from dance to social movements- will be our common thread throughout the sessions. Zooming in and out from the micro to the macro spheres we will have sessions on the relationship between class and dance, intersectional and body politics, social and climate justice and reparations.


Some questions we will investigate during the Long Now Lab #3 are: 

What does it mean to politicize our gaze both as individuals, part of a society and as artists, cultural workers, curators responsible for cultural production?

How can we protect our visions and movements from the subsuming social media trends that commodify and neutralise our fight for social justice? 

What are the gaps between aesthetics and ethics in a visually oriented society that tends towards shock culture? 

About Paula Chaves

Paula Chaves Bonilla is a Colombian non-binary lesbian. She/he works as a director, choreographer, performer and activist and is based in Amsterdam. In The Netherlands she/he made: Paraart, Against The Wall, Down is Up and Omni Toxica while joining Amanda Piña's long-term project Endangered Human Movements as a dancer and assistant choreographer. In 2019 she/he became a House artist of Veem House for Performance. 

Chaves Bonilla's artistic research studies the relation between art, propaganda and neoliberalism to map and expose how the commodification of art -aka 'artwashing'- operates as a neocolonial technology of control, discipline & distraction. Her/his works have been shown in festivals such as: Moving Futures (Amsterdam), Theater Aan Zee (Oostende), Theater Spektakel (Zürich) & Welcome to our guest house (Rotterdam). 


Coming from a legacy of political dissidence rooted in her/his family history, Chaves Bonilla works as a migrant/refugee and queer activist. Between 2012 and 2016 she/he was co-organizer of Queeristan – a D.I.Y. Festival in Amsterdam to explore and counter the normative workings of gender, sexuality and identity. And is co-founde of Queer Latinx: a platform to support trans and queer latinx migrants/refugees and feminist latinx artist. Read more about Paula Chaves Bonilla at

For who

These sessions are open to everyone, people with experience with the topic, people without; people working in performance, people who don’t. The sessions will be centralising marginalised voices, our hope is to learn from each other and build on our knowledge through shared encounters. We ask that you make a commitment to all five sessions. There is a limited amount of spots available, so don’t wait too long to sign up. We will stick to the corona measures during all of the sessions to ensure your wellbeing in our care.


€35 for all five sessions. 


The five Long Now Lab sessions, curated by Paula Chaves, take place on:

September 26th, 15:00 - 18:00 | Guest: Hodan Warsame

October 31st, 15:00 - 18:00 | Guest: Zwoisy Mears-Clarke

November 14th, 15:00 - 18:00 | Guest: Suzanne Dhaliwal

November 28th, 15:00 - 18:00 

December 5th, 15:00 - 18:00 (public sharing)


For the full Long Now Lab we ask you to commit to the five given dates in order for us to stretch the time together, if you want to join but you have a difficulty with one of the dates please let us know as well, then we look into it together.