General terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions apply from September 8, 2021

These General Terms and Conditions apply to the agreement between Veem House (defined below) and Housemate (defined below) for the use of the Membership (defined below) for the purpose of visiting one performance per month and receiving a discount on other events happening in Veem House.

If you are a Housemate or want to become a Housemate and use our service you can visit one event per month and other events with a discount, we like to have clear and transparent arrangements in place. By registering, you declare that you accept these terms and conditions of Veem House. You can find the terms and conditions on our website

Veem House: Refers to Stichting Het Veem Theater, established and having its offices at (1013 CR) Amsterdam at Van Diemenstraat 410, The Netherlands registered under number 41205659 at the Chamber of Commerce and VAT number NL008069505B01.

Housemate: a person subscribing to a Housemate membership

Housemate membership: gives access to one event per month and other events with a discount of 10%, all happening at Veem House.

Ecurring by Mollie: SEPA direct debit authorisation done by Housemate in order to deduct monthly or yearly fee from Housemate’s personal bank account.

Stager: Ticketing platform through which Housemates can order tickets.

Student discount: a person that is registered as a student studying in the Netherlands or internationally.

a. You can subscribe as Member in the following ways:
1. On the website by filling in the online subscription form (;
b. If you sign up on the website, you are entitled to cancel your membership within 14 calendar days after the date of subscription without stating reasons. If the 14th day falls on the weekend, or on a national holiday, the cooling-off period will run up to and including the end of the first subsequent working day. If you decide to cancel your membership within the cooling-off period of 14 days, and the membership has not been used in this period, this cancellation does not incur any charges. If the membership has been used in this period, Veem House can charge costs for the membership pro rata (from the date of activation of the membership until the date of cancellation, including any potential start-up fee).

  1. Within 48 hours of subscribing your account to get tickets (through Stager) will be activated. Veem House will send instructions on how to use the account.

a.    We have various types of membership, the details of which can all be found on our website. All types of membership provide one free ticket to an event of choice per month and a discount of 10% on all other events.
b.    When you register, you can specify the type of membership for which you would like to enter into an agreement.

  1. c. After 11 months Housemate will receive an automated mailing. For the monthly subscription: it is your one year anniversary as a Housemate. For one year upfront payment: your Housemateship is coming to an end, click here to stay a Housemate.

a.    In addition to your type of membership, we also offer various extras.
b.    Housemates receive a special Housemate newsletter.
c.    Housemates receive a welcome card and a Veem House Totebag.

  1. d. Three times a year, we will organise evenings just for our Housemates. Each of these evenings will be a night hosted by one of our House Artists. These are for Housemates only and offer a special insight into the practices, methods and ideas of these artists and time for exchange, through exercises and conversation. The setting will be cosy and informal.


  1.  All types of membership have their own membership fee and conditions, which can be found on the website.
    b.    When you become a member, the membership fees are due from the date of subscription. The SEPA direct debit authorisation through Ecurring by Mollie is also effective from that moment. All membership fees shall be due and payable in advance
    d.    If you opt for an agreement for a year with complete pre-payment, the first annual payment shall be made upon subscription by online payment or card payment and the subsequent payments shall be made each year in advance via SEPA direct debit.
  2.  If you subscribe as a student you are obliged to send a photo of your Student ID including proof of registration for the running year. This info must be sent to: Your account will be activated within 48 hours of receiving the correct information.
    f.    If we are not able to collect your payment for whatever reason (e.g. reversal of the instruction, insufficient balance etc.), we will send the direct debit to your bank again.
    g.    If you do not comply with your payment obligation after we have given notice of default, you will be in default. As of that moment, we are able to charge collection costs and to outsource the claim. We will also have the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect. You will then have to pay all membership fees payable over the duration of the agreement, plus any billed recovery costs.
    i.    If you do not make use of the agreement or the extras, the membership fee shall not be returned to you.

a.    The Housemate membership is for personal use only and you can use it during the agreement.
b.    You cannot transfer your Housemate membership to someone else.

  1.  If you cannot access your online Stager account or have any other troubles please email to:

a. If you entered into an agreement for the duration of one year, you can terminate this at the latest 30 days prior to the end of the term of the agreement. If you do not do this, the agreement will be extended for an indefinite period and can subsequently be terminated at any time, subject to a notice period of 30 days.
b. If you have entered into an agreement that can be terminated monthly, you can terminate after four months, subject to a notice period of 30 days.
c. You can cancel your agreement by sending an email to

  1. d. If you grant another person unauthorised access in any way, whether or not they are a Housemate, for example by ordering a ticket on your name, Veem House shall charge the value of a ticket for that event as a fine and access to order tickets will be blocked until this fine has been paid. In the event of multiple violations, Veem House shall be entitled to terminate the agreement.

a.    We do our utmost to be of service to everyone. In the event that you have any complaints, we regret this and would be more than happy to hear them. In the first instance you can, of course, turn to our employees when you visit our Theater and in the second instance you can turn to the back office team at Veem House, as described on the website.

a.    In order to execute your agreement, we collect your personal data. Veem House processes your personal data appropriately and with due care and within the framework of the applicable legislation and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
b.    The privacy statement of Veem House lists which data is processed by us, for which purposes we process it and how we handle the personal data. It also explains the way in which involved persons are able to exercise their rights for the processing of their personal data. You can find the Veem House privacy statement on our website.

a.    You can find our contact details at:
b.    Postal address: Van Diemenstraat 410, 1013 CR, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
c.    You can find more information on the Veem House website:

a.    Only Dutch law is applicable to these terms and conditions and all agreements entered into by or with Veem House.
b.    All disputes that arise on the basis of the agreement between the Housemate and Veem House will be assessed by the competent court in the district where the Veem House is established.