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Heartscore | Maarten Heijnens & Anthony van Gog

Anthony van Gog and Maarten Heijnens are currently working on their second physical partiture Heartscore in Veem House for Performance. Heartscore is a physical composition conducted by a live beating heart. While the performers attempt to manipulate the beating of their heart, this beat in turn directs the performance. Heartscore becomes a dialogue between the organic heart and the rational will of the performers. How does the organic intuitive body relate to the rigid frame of a musical score? How can the performers find freedom without missing a beat?

Tour dates

Veem House for Performance (try-out)
Veem House for Performance (premiere)

About Maarten & Anthony


Concept & performance
Maarten Heijnens & Anthony van Gog
Produced by
Makershuis Tilburg
Coproduced by
Veem House for Performance, STUK, VIA ZUID & Master of Theatre

Heartscore will premiere in September 2021.


Under Construction: Anthony van Gog & Maarten Heijnens

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