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Les Spectateurs stay with: Margo van de Linde

Veem House for Performance

During the evening sessions of Les Spectateurs stay with..  we’ll invite a special group of spectators (Les Spectateurs) to be involved in the process of creation of our housemakers. This we do by opening up the rehearsal space and to ‘stay’ for a short moment in the process of one of our housemakers. During the evening you will have a sneakpeak in the process of creation and you will be invited to share your observations and experiences. By using new formats we explicitly ask you for your feedback. The feedback will be used in order to strengthen the work. It is so to say an exchange between the ‘expertise’ of the artist and the ‘expertise’ of you as a spectator. 

Les Spectateurs is a growing group of spectators with different backgrounds. What connects them is their interest in contemporary perfomance art. To become a Spectateur it’s important you feel like watching new perfomances and exchanges thought about it with others. Experience in performance or knowledge of art is absolutely not needed. We are looking forward to welcome a bright range of Spectateurs into our house! 

Sign up as a Spectateur by sending an e-mail to By signing up you’ll be updated about the content and form of the different sessions. Next to this it’s also important to ensure your place by buying a ticket per session via our ticket link. 

16 October 2018


During the session at Tuesday 16th, Margo will invite us, Les Spectateurs, to her process and we will tune in on what’s demanding at that moment. The vorm of the evening will stay open, this keeps it open for surprises but it will also make sure the feedback can influence the public worksessions at 19 en 20 oktober. 


Margo van de Linde is a theatre director, actress and singer. She has worked in the entertainment industry for over 10 years as a comedy improviser. Choosing this path has greatly influenced her projects. In her work she often fuses elements of role-play, cabaret and live music in order to create theatrical portraits of herself and others. Her awareness of power dynamics and the thin line between authenticity and performativity have led her to explore this further on (and off!) stage. Recently the position and voice of women in society have formed her main interest.

Margo is a graduate of the Masters study DAS Theatre in Amsterdam and is currently showing her work in the Netherlands and Belgium as well as re-developing her previous work, Improvised Feminism, as a youth project.

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