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Long Now Lab #care – Sharing session


This weekend we scheduled the last session and also the sharing with our audience. Due to the current situation (COVID-19), and because we care, we will transfer this sharing to an online sharing. You can follow the Long Now Lab on:

During 10X10, Veem organizes two new editions of the Long Now Lab. This seasons first edition of Long Now Lab is about Care and is curated by Alice Pons and Olivia Reschofsky from MOHA Project. In the Long Now Lab a small group of people gather regularly for performances and work-and-think sessions at Veem House for Performance. We invite participants to go deeper: through conversation, imagination and workshops, with the aim of collectively creating ideas and proposals.

This wil be the last session of Long Now Lab #care. Please join us for a collage of collective thoughts and actions about Care. Everyone is welcome!

21 March 2020


Long Now Lab #Care

We gathered and talked about Care. How we remember details. How we make our own natural washing products. How we can be rude sometimes. How we ignore someone crying in the train. How we still eat meat. How we try to answer all our emails. And how we take care of the babies of our friends.

How Care is stubborn, vulnerable, inter-dependent, precarious and ambivalent. How Care is personal, political, engaged or reflective. 

How Care is a collective matter, a movement, a doing, a song, a ritual.