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multitudes of (i) by Setareh Fatehi

A research sharing in dialogue with Ogutu Muraya

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Setareh Fatehi is working in the Veem studio for the past two weeks, opening her research on Parallax to a dialogue with Ogutu Muraya and his essay I am Multitudes.

Setareh’s current practice involves creating trans-local collaborations, gathering of ghostly presences and avatars and lowering the opacity of projections and frames. Staying with Parallax as an ability to see (and imagine) two or more images at once, a feeling of absence which can suggest the possibility of the multiplicity of presences in the room, is the way she addresses the issues around body restrictions to move and migrate and the post-pandemic terms like SCREENtime and videocallFatigue.

On March 4th 2021, Setareh and Ogutu , from their rooms in Amsterdam and Nairobi, will host a gathering on their screens to share part of the traces of this long term trajectory, asking – where their body is, could be or should be, when its corporeality can not be shared.

4 March 2021

sold out

Due to current COVID-19 regulations, this event will take place online.