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Prelude on love

Robert Steijn and Ricardo Rubio

After premiering in Sao Paolo and touring in Mexico, Robert Steijn (formerly based in Vienna) will come to Amsterdam for the European premiere of Prelude on love. The healing performance about tenderness and male sexuality throughout different cultures has been developed and performed together with Mexican choreographer Ricardo Rubio. It is a tantric ritual that connects the earthly pleasures of human sexuality with the divine state of unconditional love, as preached by spiritual leaders.

Before the European premiere on Sunday the 2nd of October, Robert Steijn and Ricardo Rubio will reside one week in the theatre to research ways of sharing the healing qualities of their dance with individual audience members. Inspired by the healers of the indigenous people in Latin America they share their work process in intimate one-on-one sessions of thirty minutes. These encounters can be playful, light, sometimes even slightly absurd, but they are always based on intuition and a belief in the healing power of creativity. The sharing of their work approaches is not limited to dance, but it could also be a short meditation, massage, talk, or even song or riddle. It is important that they let their bodies speak and move with each other in a way that gives new insights in who we are or in who we can be. Rubio has a strong base in flamenco and works a lot with the transformative power of different rhythms and breathing. Steijn worked with several shamans and is intrigued by the magic of imagination. Together they developed a way of dancing, that harmonizes different energies in our bodies and that is what they will share in a direct contact with the audience.

The sessions will take thirty minutes and must be booked in advance. They will take place in the afternoon between 2.00 and 5.00 PM or in the evening between 8.00 and 10.00 PM. Dance experience is not required, everyone has a body that is willing to speak and listen, but to come in loose clothing is preferable. The sessions are still at a preliminary stage, it serves as an open research on ways of sharing the essence of a choreography with the audience. The week of one-on-one encounters will be closed with the performance duet Prelude on love to show where their approaches in dance and choreography can lead to.

Click here to see the time schedule for the one-on-one sessions. Please send your reservation before Friday 30 September 2.00 PM per e-mail to 

There will be a private opening of the one-on-one session space on Tuesday the 27th of September, where the duet Prelude on love will be performed, to furnish the space with the necessary energies (by invitation only).

Veem warmly invites you to join the Sunday Scene with Maaike Bleeker at 5 PM before the performance Prelude on Love. As part of the Sunday Scene a fresh cooked meal will be served after the table conversation with Maaike Bleeker.

2 October 2016



Robert Steijn (1958) is a choreographer, director, performer and writer, based in Amsterdam and Mexico city. Together with Frans Poelstra he founded together the company united sorry, based in Vienna, they make work for theatres, galleries and the public space.  Their latest projects were the location event “the forest project” during Steirische Herbst Festival 2014, and the concert/performance “No nothing”( Vienna 2015).

He works often in duet form with other choreographers from different backgrounds: Latifa Labissi (Rennes), Anne Teresa de Keersemaeker (Rosas/Brussels), Maria Hassabi (New York), Georg Blaschke (Vienna), Christina Rizzo (Bologna) and Laura Rios (Mexico City). He started an ongoing collaboration with the Mexican choreographer Ricardo Rubio, with a duet called Prelude on love that premiered in Sao Paolo in November 2015. He currently prepares a duet with Angela Schubot that will premiere in Berlin in February next year.

Within the field of visual art he works with Frans Poelstra ( a.o. Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, Fondation Cartier in Paris) and Christine Laquet (Pioneer Works, New York).

Ricardo Rubio (1972) is a Mexican choreographer, dancer and performance artist. He is founder and director of INTERflamenca positions itself as a progressive, experimental organisations within the contemporary Mexican scene. Where body expressions and movement connects with and responds to multimedia and electronic music. Rubio is partaking the Program to Support Professional Artistic Groups of Performing Arts “Mexico on Stage” by FONCA 2015-2017; Artistic Member of the National System of Art Creators by FONCA 2012-2014, in the category I Choreography; was connected to the Program to Foment Projects and Cultural Joint Ventures by FONCA 2012-2013; and has been selected for the Benefit of Investment Projects for the Production of National Dance by CONACULTA and INBA 2012-2013. 

Concept and performance:
Robert Steijn and Ricardo Rubio