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Reading & Research Group II – Fluid Fundaments

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This RR is done in the context of Fluid Fundaments of work-life an artistc-research project by Nienke Scholts into alternative practices of organizing performing arts

The RR will take place in the working places of artist practices or organisations that look for, struggle with and/or propose different ways of working in and with performing arts. Starting of the first two sessions at Veem House in the context of the 100 Day House (one of the main collaborators and case study of the Fluid Fundaments research), in the 3rd, 4th and 5th session we visit collectief Walden, MOHA project and artist-run space Jaccuzi. 

Each session will include the introduction and sharing of the practices, work places, studios and homes of artists and art venues that we visit; the struggles, questions and proposals they have; and the collective reading of one text. 

The proposed texts for this Reading & Research group are part of/feed the theoretical frame of Fluid Fundaments, and as well hope to inspire or resonate with the actual practices that are visited and met during the session. 

Looking into today’s (and future) ways of working – we among others discuss Isabell Lorey who understands precariousness as a given that defines us and propose to use this condition of mutual dependence as a starting point for new practices of work-life. We read about care and woman’s work (Helen Hester); question engaging with or withdrawing from the institution (Chantal Mouffe); if there is at all an alternative (Mark Fisher); we undo work and rethink community (James Chamberlain); and look into the black-out as political action (Konstantina Georgelou). 

Throughout we unpack the container-notion ‘work’ and find categories and feelings for all the sorts of work and non-work we do, paid or not, conscious or not, and map them. 

6 November 2018


13 November 2018


20 November 2018


27 November 2018


17 December 2018


Tuesday’s 19:30-22:00

6 nov – Veem House

13 nov – Veem House

20 nov – Collectief Walden

27 nov – MOHA

17 dec – Jaccuzi 

texts per sessions tbc soon!

Reading & Research, shortly RR, is about reading and studying a specific topic together. Smaller groups of interested people gather to read and unfold texts into worlds of thoughts while helping and challenging each other, as everyone brings their own background, expertise, vision, and ‘readings.’ RR is also about slow thinking, zooming in, and developing discourse.

This RR can be joined as a series or per session. Sign up via the ticketlink and we email you texts and further practical information.