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Sharing Practices: Telepathic Landscapes by Erin Hill (sold out)

Erin Hill

– this event is sold out –

During this workshop, Erin Hill will guide participants through the different steps of the ‘Telepathic Landscapes’ practice, a practice she has been slowly developing since 2018. Hill’s approach to telepathy is intuitive, aligning itself to the goal of sending and receiving energetic messages without focusing on the success or accuracy of the transmission. 

In this workshop we imagine landscapes, and summon them into space with our voices. Through our descriptions and our presence we create communal landscapes: discovering what happens to our bodies while they focus on sending and receiving messages, what happens to the space between our bodies, as well as within those witnessing. 

About Erin Hill

Erin Hill is a choreographer, performer, and writer, based between Montreal and Amsterdam. Through durational practices, she works with her body and life as a site of experimentation, noticing habits of perception and critically questioning from where these habits arise, as well as where they lead to. Erin dances in order to practice a transfeminist phenomenological approach to identity; one enfolded in fluid, horizontal and somatic states. Erin is an ardent collaborator with many playful and engaged artists, such as Jana Vetten (DE), Nina Vroemen (CA), Ira Melkonyan and Charlie Prince (LB). In 2018 she received a Masters from Das Theatre (formerly known as DasArts), Amsterdam.

‘Telepathic Landscapes’ is a practice she has been working on and sharing in different contexts over the past couple years. This practice forms the basis of what Erin Hill will share during the Open Studio on September 17th (together with Ira Melkonyan and her work around liquids).

19 September 2020


Ticket workshop Telepathic Landschapes: €5

September 10×10: hybridity

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Erin Hill