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Sky, My Husband!

Mime graduation show / Roeland Hofman

On the 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th of June “Sky, my husband” the graduation performance of the Mime Department in Amsterdam can be seen at Veem House. A number of graduating students worked for several weeks with director Roeland Hofman.

Sky, My Husband!

A gust of wind. 
A sheep returns.
A pigeon flies under a skirt.
An endless waltz with starts and stops. 
Distant humming. 
Someone falls.

A blatant reverie of sorts
or flat out symphony.

21 June 2023

20:00 — 21:15
€ 8.50

22 June 2023

20:00 — 21:15
€ 12.50

23 June 2023

20:00 — 21:15
€ 12.50

24 June 2023

14:00 — 15:15
€ 12.50

For tickets at the door we charge +€1.50 on top of the normal ticket price.


Roeland Hofman
Klara Alexova
Kiki Heslenfeld
Geert Oddens
Production leader
Sten van der Moer*
Production assistants
Flynn Ravenstein and Maartje Rijsman

Evite Ancarola*, Kirsty Baker*, Jesse Debille*, Tim van Dongen*, Sjaid Foncé*, Clara Ottignon*, Olga Tsyganova*

*graduation performance

With thanks to
Stella van Leeuwen, Annebeth Vlietstra, Fabian Santarciel de la Quintana, Lois Maat, Judith van de Pas, Daan Westendorp, Ellen Bouwmeester, Nancy Hulst and Jille van de Pas