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Spy School | 2-day workshop by Tea Tupajic

Spy School

A school of tricks, skills and magic of an intelligence officer.

Dates: 18th & 19th of November

Time:  11.00- 16.30

Price : Students €7,00 Regular: €12,00

Location: Buurtkamer Parlarie, Barentszstraat 28, 1013 NS, Amsterdam

Artist Tea Tupajic created a project dealing with the artistic, performative methods used in the work of the intelligence officers, collaborating with former and current officers of the Israeli intelligence agencies Mossad and Shin Bet. 

Spy School is based on the toolbox of the scientifically precise, elaborate art of human interaction she learned in the two years of intelligence training and research.

During the two-days workshop you will gain insight not only to the palette of skills, but also to the exercises created by generations of intelligence officers that are used in the intelligence education and recruitment centers. 

Through a set of dynamic tasks and games you will learn how to apply these methods in everyday life, e.g. in communication, creating contacts, improvisation and group dynamics. 

The workshop is for people of different ages, experiences and professions. Everybody starting from 18+ is welcome to join. 

There is space for 20 participants so make sure you subscribe on time! By buying a ticket you will be registered as participant of the 2-day workshop. 

18 November 2017


19 November 2017


Tea Tupajić (Sarajevo, 1984) is a theatre director. She initiates long-lasting projects exploring the potential of art when encountered with complex, controversial political issues.

Her projects “The Curators’ Piece”, “La maladie de la mort”, “Variete Europe”, “The Disco” were presented worldwide in both performing and visual art context.

Tupajic is a guest editor and writer for the magazine Frakcija. She publishes, lectures and contributes to conferences internationally.

Tea Tupajic

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