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Subculture Cabaret: 2 Nights, 2 Roofs

Margo van de Linde


Within the frame of Veem 10X10 on ‘discourse’ we invite Subculture Cabaret, an evening hosted and organised by Margo van de Linde. Perhaps not your typical ‘discursive’ event, there will be no panel discussion or lecture but rather Subculture Cabaret brings together a vibrant evening where the stage listens back to the audience; assembling an array of performances (and audiences) from Amsterdam’s diverging performance scenes under one roof.

We may use different languages… But we all have a story to tell. Subculture Cabaret sees how anyone – from poet to contemporary dancer, storyteller to drag artist – gives shape to that story using their own language and mode of expression. You may experience something unusual. If so, we are pleased. 

Subculture Cabaret travels from it’s usual home at Mezrab on Friday night to Veem the following Saturday- creating a full weekend! Join to see Subculture Cabaret’s first outing into new territory and as they explore what a theatre has that they can play with. Supported by live band The Knights of Love, Margo draws inspiration from what is shared to freestyle-host your night together. Acts will be announced on the night itself.

Subculture Cabaret: 2 Nights, 2 Roofs

Friday 20th – 20:00 at MEZRAB

Saturday 21st – 20:00 at VEEM HOUSE FOR PERFORMANCE

Yes, you might want to visit both nights! Because:

*The venues are wildly different… and we will play with this

*The line-ups are brand new for each night

*We always offer donation-based entrance to ensure all are welcome

21 March 2020



Please reserve your place for free as seating is limited, bring cash for a donation and feel welcome!

Margo van de Linde (1982) is an American-raised Dutch theatre maker, performer and singer. She has worked in the entertainment industry for over 15 years as an improviser, spoken word artist and M.C. Choosing this path has been of great influence on her.  In her work, she fuses elements of talkshow, roleplay, cabaret and live music in order to create communal evenings or theatrical portraits.

Recent works include Translating Lola, Improvised Feminism and Andy.  She also often provides reflective performances during a variety of events. She graduated in Performing Arts and Performance Studies from Middlesex University London and the University of Amsterdam and holds a Masters of Theatre from DAS Theatre Amsterdam.

Margo van de Linde