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swim او

Setareh Fatehi

they wondered if it is possible to dance at the “speed of an image” 

i wondered where the image is NOW and if it hears the same beat as i do

choreographing live images, not its creation but its projection,

on the walls, curtains, surfaces and textures,

on the rhythm, beats and moments 

where neither dislocation (movement in space) nor relation (connection between spatially separate things) describes what happens 

the dance is 

a Plenum, an infinite composition..

of screenshots

temporal focus and opacity

temporal and simultaneous framing of holes

like telling a story that has happened

for “real”

imagining what the images were

remembering what the images did

a score to enjoy the impossibility of capturing what eyes see with what hands do when pressing buttons on the phone

a time frame to exist in and persist on, 

a practice of constant reconnecting and reaching, 

an effort to stay with fragilities, impossibilities, glitches and shut downs.  

14 December 2019


15 December 2019



is a research on seeing and imagining the other(i), at the same time, and from different spaces. The difference between physicality and presence and the relation between what eye sees and what i imagine and what heart does, is what we have explored. Internet as a space, with all it’s fragilities, impossibilities, glitches and shut downs is our common ground to dance on.

Setareh Fatehi 

is a choreographer based in Tehran and Amsterdam. Her research-based practice encompasses lenses, bodies, wifi connections, screens and projections. She is embracing the medium of live video as a part of her presence. In her work she addresses the fluidity of the definition of her own body and opens up the space for acknowledging the effect that other forms of presence (their gaze, thoughts and desires) could have on the ways she engages with her surroundings. 

Setareh’s performance swimاو is a coproduction with Frascati Producties and will be premiered December 14 at Veem.

Concept and performance:
Setareh Fatehi

Veem House for Performance, Frascati Producties

With and for:
Reyhan Khakinejad, Yalda Pakzad, Nooshin Askari, S.M. Snider

Special thanks to:
IDlab, Katerina Bakatsaki, Frederick Rodrigues, Matthew Day, Katinka Marac, Shokoufeh Rahmati, Saghar Hosseinpour, Mostafa Pirouz and many more