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Prins of Networks: The Demise of Networking

Rodrigo Sobarzo

Rodrigo Sobarzo is currently working on his new work The prins of networks | The demise of networking that will premiere in 2016 in Veem House for Performance. Prins of Ne†works takes as its departure point the demise of nobility; nowadays: the demise of elegance. Within the digital-arena era we live in, there is no statute, title or land worth value no more. A new order has arisen based upon pure knowledge and skill-driven metaphysical labour.

Out of necessity we build up webs, forming an immense net where virtual avatars and digitally freed identities populate, exist and occupy. A new Kingdom of All Sorts (Compatible). It’s accumulating, it’s terra-forming. Unavoidable monuments are being built, collectively and compulsively assembled and composed. There’s no sense in gazing back; there’s no non-sense. Finally dissolving the task of either sense-creating or sense-making, we rather focus on and gaze towards the remote, the unattainable: The Continuum.

The Prins of Ne†works materialises as an experiential capsule where we gather to visually reflect upon different states of matter and its natural cycles. On this particular research occasion we will focus on the cultivation of flies. Out of decomposition a new born insect/technology is being born and dies again. The rise and fall of predetermined systems that eternally fail to break the unbreakable hand of nature, eternally serving it because it is intrinsically embedded in us all. No matter can ever be regarded as artificial, being the artificial just one more of Nature’s ways of manifesting.

Twinning art production with the chemical process of decompose; Prince of Networks is a visual manifesto probing new ecologies, that blends the digital and the analogue as one. It reconciles the human with the being by virtually subtracting the human of the equation, highlighting the being in the rest of it all.

27 September 2015


Rodrigo Sobarzo