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(To) Give a Hand

(To) Come and See is a real-time process of working-through the personal and collective eroticism. Five women are claiming the site of the theatre as their playground, their ecosystem. In their play, they touch and gaze, dissolve their identities and charge the space with the unpredictable, oscillating flow of their libido. They are excited, amused, bored, and confidently insecure. 

The practice explores the idea of an erotic dramaturgy, which claims to stay open and therefore turns sensuality into a liberating experience, free of the idea of a goal. Between proximity and distance, disappearing and presence, a sensual landscape, joyful and uncanny, emerges. 

After touring the piece (To) Come and See for more than a year in many corners of the world, the project goes one step further. For the next tour dates in the Museum Helmhaus in Zurich and in Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam, the project unfolds into 3 different forms on a basis of a common practice: 

(To) Keep in Touch – a 2 days workshop with resident local in their hometowns 

(To) Come and See – a performance  

(To) Give a Hand – a durational performative experience with the workshop participants

1 October 2017