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(To) Keep in Touch

Simone Truong, Elpida Orfanidou, Anna Massoni, Eilit Marom, and Adina Secretan

In September we’ll welcome the collective of five international choreographers: Simone Truong, Elpida Orfanidou, Anna Massoni, Eilit Marom and Adina Secretan with their project (To) Come and See. As part of the project they will develop a new performance: (To) Give a Hand. A performance about touch, touching, getting in touch. About being vulnerable and comfortable through watching and being watched. The performance will be created in a special way of working – With and by people from the city.

27 September 2017


30 September 2017


Open Call

We are looking for people from all genders, ages and experiences. Who are interested to join the workshops and to participate in the performance. The first workshop will be given to five different groups in the city. In this fysical workshop there will be focus on the subject: touch. What meanings and views do we have about touch in our daily lives? In what way touch takes part in our life? How do we experience touch? In the second workshop, all groups will come together for a deepening workshop around the subject. The workshop will form the base for your participation in the performance.  

If you’re curious or feel interested to participate, please sign in before the 15th of September by sending an e-mail to No special performance skill needed. 

Simone Truong, Elpida Orfanidou, Anna Massoni, Eilit Marom, Adina Secretan