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Veem House Dinner #2 Dear Care

To have dinner together is one of the most common ways to come together, exchange thoughts, and share a space. That’s why we organize Veem House Dinners, in collaboration with our neighbourhood, artists, and other guests. In this monthly dinner we cook and eat together while engaging with one of the thematic lines of the Veem 10X10. During this second dinner we focus on the interaction and care. MOHA is our guest with their Dear Care performance. Dear Care is a collective moment to spend with Care. A performance, a game, an event. The occasion to celebrate the simple gestures we all do as part of the everyday of one another.

Dear Care,

Since I can remember, you have always been there. When someone was born, got sick, needed an encouraging word, touch, but also in the bigger system, in the way everything works, rivers, air, warmth and cold. You were and are a driving force in most of things. You simply act, often unnoticed, generous, no need of reward: hiding in a warm lunch one shares, in a joke to make us laugh when we are in pain, or in a “how is it going” to the one who is never being asked anymore….

7 December 2019


Everyone is welcome to join the Veem House Diner, buy your ticket online for only €5.

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