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Veem House Dinner: Empathy (cancelled)


This event is cancelled due to the current COVID-19 regulations

Join us in these times of political polarisation for a moment of togetherness. In the divisions between left and right, radical and conservative, day and night, we long for the spaces that escape us, the ones we can’t exactly put our fingers on, the one no proper words can describe. Is it about united diverseness?  Is it the sound of multiple beating hearts? Or simply a collective silence? The Veem House Dinner in March is all about empathy. We listen with compassion, chew on thoughts, and find fresh perspectives.

Whether you’re asked to pass the salt or to hold out your plate: the simple act of sharing a meal brings people together. That’s why we organize Veem House Dinners where we share food and stories. These carefully curated dinners trigger our imagination and curiosity as much as they trigger taste buds. No Veem House Dinner is alike, as we engage with different themes, mix up ingredients, and guests.

For the Veem House Dinners we collaborate with House Artist MOHA Project. Their open and caring approach is the secret ingredient for these coming dinners.

“The action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another.”

6 March 2021

€ 7.50

We will stick to the corona measures during all of our activities to ensure your wellbeing in our care. Read more about our regulations in our safety protocol.

About MOHA Project

MOHA is an Amsterdam-based artist collective who create performances, present workshops, devise publications, and propose alternative curatorial models. Operating outside conventional art institutions, MOHA works in public spaces and with specific communities, aiming to shatter our personal bubbles and connecting with the day-to-day realities of people we might never otherwise encounter.