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Veem House Dinner: Come Rain or Shine

with MOHA

Join us for the last Veem House Dinner of this season: a theatrical dinner over which you can rest,  enjoy,  contemplate or celebrate. Come rain or come shine*: bring whatever mood you’re in. As always MOHA carefully curates the exchange, Tasha Arlova is our guest artist, and will do a poetic intervention. 

We fought a lot this year – working on new scenarios, trying to exist.

We could close our eyes and just enjoy ourselves. Have a festive dinner, cooked for us, with good food and nice discussions. Simply take a break, and enjoy the moment. Easy. 

We could also lie down in the dirt for a bit, reveling in being at rock bottom. Look at it. Feel it in our hands. Smell it. Acknowledge that the trouble is always with us, and everywhere around us, in various ways. Hard.

We could admit that it is not easy. That has not been easy for some time, and may never be. We can stay silent and contemplate it for a moment or rest our head on a pillow, and just talk about it.

We could come together for the last dinner of this season. Bring the mood you are in, whatever it may be, and choose the space that fits best.

*If the sun allows, we will have this dinner outside on the docks at the back of the building, in case of rain we will move inside.

2 July 2022

19:00 — 21:00
€ 7.50

About Veem House Dinner

Veem House Dinners are theatrical experiences that trigger our imagination as much as our taste buds. In this individualized and rushed society we take the time, space and attention to feel at home with strangers. We organize these dinners every other month. No Veem House Dinner is alike, as we engage with different themes, mix up ingredients, formats and guests. Indeed, also our guests so no need to worry about sitting alone, the Veem House Dinner is single-person friendly. Surprise du chef? Surprise de l’ artiste! Are you ready to be surprised?

For the Veem House Dinners we collaborate with House Artist MOHA. Their open and caring approach is the secret ingredient for these coming dinners. The food that’s being served during Veem House Dinner is always vegetarian. Allergies or other dietary wishes? Email to see what’s possible.


“My barn having burned down, I can now see the moon.” 

–  Mizuta Masahide

About Tasha Arlova

Tasha Arlova (Belarus) is a filmmaker, photographer, activist, and spoken word artist from Belarus. She graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy with her short film Dear Revolution, a personal letter to a revolution that started in her home country, but never came to an end. 

Since 2020 she organized and co-curated several events dedicated to art and protest in Belarus, such as the exhibitions Belarus // Art of Resistance and Screams of the Silenced

Tasha Arlova is selected by De Balie, De Ateliers and Veem House (Engaged Art coalition) for the 3Package Deal 2021-2022 of AFK.