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Veem House Dinner

On Saturday the 16th of November we are organizing a Veem House Dinner especially for artists. With this dinner we would like to invite you back to the house, to meet other artists by having dinner together. Afterwards you can join the performance Omni Toxica of Paula Chaves & Thais Di Marco. 

If you are a graduated artist and interested to join the Veem House Dinner, please send an email to Ella Jonker. Ella is our intern on our interaction program, she will create the context of this dinner. You can reach Ella on:

16 November 2019


This season Veem House for Performance opens 10X10! Ten times, spread throughout the season and the city, we will manifest ourselves as the house for Dance and Performance in Amsterdam. 

The first 10 days will run 14 through 23 November 2019. It will focus on the stories of our (co)productions with Paula Chaves & Thais Di Marco, Anne Lise le Gac & Arthur Chambry and Ogutu Muraya.