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Veem Huis Diner #2

Veem House for Performance

Food for thought.. Feminism.

To have dinner together is one of the most common ways to come together, exchange thoughts, and share a space. In collaboration with our neighbourhood, artists and other guests, we host a monthly dinner at the Veem House for Performance. Here we hope to find each other and exhange ideas and thoughts about the themes that inspire us.

For this second edition of the Veem House Dinner the theme is one of the four pillars that form the foundations of our house: Feminism. Moreover, we explore different means to express what touches and concerns us in relation to feminism. What types of language do we have access to? We find inspiration in different ways, forms and languages that we use and were used in the past to express ourselves. Food being one of them.

Buy your ticket here and the evening along with the food will be served for you. Would you like to help us out with preperations and cooking prior to the event? In that case the dinner is free. Please send an email to and we’ll be in touch!

20 October 2018


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Veem House for Performance

Veem House for Performance