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Very Now#1 Festival

SPRING Festival and Veem House for Performance

From 15-17 December we close the year with a selection of six beautiful, challenging, thought evoking performances that we wanted to bring (back) to Amsterdam for you to see and experience. 

We are proud to present Samira Elagoz with new work in progress, Julian Hetzel with I am Not Here Says The Void (2014), Ola Maciejewska with TEKTON (2014), Rodrigo Sobarzo with []remoTe sense[] (2015), and Oneka von Schrader with Panda Express (2016).

VERY NOW festival is a collaboration between SPRING Festival and Veem House.

Warm welcome as well to the Veem Dinner Party, a closing, celebrating and looking-to-the-future dinner on the 17th of December. 


1 DAY ticket: Regular €12 / Student €7 

2 DAY ticket: Regular €18 / Student €13

3 DAY ticket: Regular €21 / Student €16 


Click on a date. Depending on the date you choose you will have the option to buy a three, two or a one day ticket. It is only possible to buy a 3 day ticket on the 15th, 2 day tickets are valid for 15 & 16 Dec/ 16 & 17 Dec/ 15 & 17 Dec. In case you buy a 3 or 2 day ticket, please save your ticket after your first visit!

Dinner Party: Free with a festival ticket. Please send your reservation for the dinner to before the 15th of December. 

Progressbar pre-sale: €6,-.

15 December 2016


16 December 2016


17 December 2016



15 December

17:00-19:00  Wishful Thinking

a conversation about New Year’s resolutions for the performance and dance field. With a.o. Suzy Blok, Rainer Hofmann and Anne Breure, starting at 17:00 sharp, doors open from 16:30, with tea and coffee.

19:00 Soup at Veem Kantine

Soup will be served, free of charge for Wishful Thinking and Very Now guests and on a first come first served basis.

19:30 Samira Elagoz | THE YOUNG AND THE WILLING (work in Progress) + Q&A

Upcoming artist Samira Elagoz, shows her new (work-in-progress) video installation as outcome of a residency at Veem House for Performance and ICK Amsterdam. 

20.30 Oneka von Schrader | Panda Express

An installation, a performance, a tea ceremony and a group choreography that explores the senses.

16 December

18:30 Bar Open at Veem Kantine

19:30 Rodrigo Sobarzo – []remoTe sense[]

 In []remoTe sense[] a human figure moves a landscape of salt and light. As a sculptor he shapes the piece of land the way he envisions. Not technically but manually. His work is laborious in the literal sense of a ‘hands on’ action; a mining in salt. Simple and bodily.

20:15 Interval | 10 minutes, 10 unrelated questions at Veem Kantine

21:00 Julian Hetzel – I’m Not Here Says The Void

A visual performance of the physical form of anxiety, in which Julian Hetzel combines elements from the theatre, dance, visual arts and minimal electronic music.

17 December

18:00 Bar Open at Veem Kantine 

19:00 Ola Maciejewska – TEKTON (only in Amsterdam)

TEKTON refers to the myth of Sisyphus and combines storytelling, autobiografical elements, urban folklore and 100 images of stones. Allowing a place for detour and change of thought.


We invite you to Veem Dinner Party, a closing, celebrating and looking-to-the-future dinner on the 17th of December. 

With any ticket of the VERY NOW performances you get FREE entrance to the dinner. 

Please reserve your place before 15 December by sending an email:

23:00 AFTERPARTY at Progressbar (Tolhuistuin) | Juha van ‘t Zelfde

Made possible by:
Fonds Podiumkunsten

An initiative by:
SPRING Festival, Veem House for Performance

Performances by:
Julian Hetzel, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Oneka von Schrader, Ola Maciejewska, Samira Elagoz, Florentina Holzinger + Vincent Riebeek

With thanks to:
Het Huis Utrecht