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Vocal and Choral Exploration Workshop

Chris Tonelli


Places are limited so secure your spot by booking ahead of time!

In the spirit of exploring discourse as a collaborative creation, in using our senses differently to create new forms of information together, we invite you to partake in a Vocal and Choral Exploration Workshop by Chris Tonelli (University of Groningen). A workshop to assemble as a temporary choir to create surprising vocal encounters and soundscapes. No expertise or skill in singing is required! Your listening skills and willingness to tune in with each other is however useful.

In his workshop a tradition of vocal improvisation exists that works to create spaces where everyone who wants to can reshape their relation to their own voice and, thus, the world around them via vocalization without restriction.

Our voices have a deep connection to our inner lives both in terms of our emotions and our thoughts about how we are positioned in the world, as well as what our relationship is to elements of the world around us. As much as our voice is shaped by those inner forces, it can also “speak back” and work to reshape those forces in empowering ways. Our voices are equally shaped by outside forces, negotiated in relation to other voices we have heard or norms that empower us to vocalize or restrict us from vocalizing in certain times, places, or manners.

(For further reading see Chris Tonelli’s book Voices Found: Free Jazz and Singing)

22 March 2020


Chris Tonelli

Dr. Chris Tonelli is assistant professor of music at University of Groningen in their Arts, Culture, and Media program and a research associate with the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation. He is a performing vocalist and the founder of a number of improvisatory Vocal Exploration Choirs, which operate via radical openness and access to all willing participants and to all varieties of vocal sound. His book Voices Found: Free Jazz and Singing documents the history of vocal and choral improvisation and sound singing. He also researches, teaches, and publishes on video game sound, musical mimesis, Japanese popular music, and other topics.

Chris Tonelli