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We apologize for not speaking up

How do you, as a European citizen, relate to the refugee problem? What is the meaning of responsibility in a time where the world seems to has lost its moral compass?

Instead of fearing newcomers, we, as European citizens, should find ways to welcome them and live together, according to artist Sarah Vanhee. To boost this debate, she made a proposal. For several months she spreads thousands of posters in European cities in collaboration with art institutions. On the posters she expresses regret on ‘our’ behalf in eight different languages: ”For the mess we have made of it. To pretend it is not our mess. look up for the other side. To portray refugees as victims, perpetrators and profiteers.”

The poster campaign is the inspiration for a meeting with artists and thinkers at Veem House for Performance to continue thinking about how we can, will and must relate to the subject.

We apologize for not speaking up is an initiative by Veem House for Performance in collaboration with Nieuwe Grond/Nederlands Theaterfestival inspired by L’absent Images a poster project by artist Sarah Vanhee.

8 September 2016