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Wendag with Maarten Heijnens, Anthony van Gog and MOHA

Ernst van Deursen

In this new context of being able to gather in small groups, we would love to share the experience of going back to theatre for the first time. With the audience, with artists, with team Veem House. 

After three months of isolation, what will it be like to share time and space again?

To re-enter Veem and enjoy theatre with 1,5 meters distance between us? 

Entering a space created for collectivity holds new meaning after a period of quarantine and with all the many many issues facing the world right now, there is an enormous amount to talk about. In response we have organized a Wendag* (orientation event) to get used to this new context collectively.

During the Wendag we will lead you safely through our space and our new way of being together. We will be joined by Maarten Heijnens and Anthony van Gog, who will perform a short, alternative version of their performance Breathing Piece. We’ll have an encounter with MOHA Project and we’ll share our thoughts and experiences while enjoying a celebratory drink. 

Join us in the exploration of new ways of coming together and visiting Veem!

One of the results of our questionnaire in May was the strong desire of artists to meet each other again. That’s why we also host a Wendag-session especially for artists at 18.00. If you are an artist and you wish to join this session, please send an email to (subject: Wendag Artists).

*Wendag is a Dutch term that is used to describe the first day of primary school.

18 June 2020


Duration of programme: 60 minutes

Ticket: €7,50

Combideal: Wendag (June 18) + I, Phone by Rob Smorenberg (June 21) for €10 > Click here 

Breathing Piece | Maarten Heijnens and Anthony van Gog (short version)

Two performers, one conductor and no instruments. Using only their breath, Anthony van Gog and Maarten Heijnens create a performative sound composition that researches the emotional connection between the performer and spectator. Breathing Piece is a musical performance without any instrument. Through the use of inhalation, exhalation, puffs and hisses an intensely layered musical composition is created.

Anthony and Maarten both graduated in 2019 from the Theater Academy in Maastricht (Performance). Since graduation, they have formed a makers duo dedicated to creating what they call “physical scores.” In a physical score, not the musical instrument, but the ‘body-as-instrument’ is central. In a compositional way they manipulate a body instrument (in this case the breath) to the utmost, in an attempt to make its underlying (body) frictions tangible to the viewer. They find each other in a shared desire to let the body speak in order to (continue to) understand her.

We are aware that breath and breathing has new meaning in light of COVID-19 as well as since the murder of George Floyd. While this piece uses the breath as an instrument and was created in 2018, we want to acknowledge that the content might be inflected with recent events.

MOHA Project 

We’re happy MOHA is joining us again. We have worked a lot with MOHA this year and will continue to do so. 

MOHA is an Amsterdam-based artist collective who create performances, present workshops, devise publications, and propose alternative curatorial models. Operating outside conventional art institutions, MOHA works in public spaces and with specific communities, aiming to shatter their personal bubbles and connecting with the day-to-day realities of people we might never otherwise encounter. 

Ernst van Deursen