Update March 10X10

‘Hope is an embrace of the unknown’ Rebecca Solnit We hope this message finds you well and in good health.    We are grateful for all the solidarity and support. We notice it online, but also in response and support of artists, audiences and colleagues we’ve been in contact with. […]


10X10 March: discourse

From the 19th to the 28th of March, our 10X10 program will depart from the idea of Discourse. In March we propose to use discourse as a launch pad, to go beyond discussions and towards manifestation, using the theatre as a space of exchange and reciprocity. With a special interest […]


10X10 February: space

Our 10 x 10 in February foregrounds the need for time and space. Time and space often make the difference, both in art and in daily life. Everything that has the capacity to grow, prospers and benefits from it. During our February 10 x 10 days, we are opening our […]


10X10 January: Polyphonic Songs

In January, our 10X10 days invites back and extends on Polyphonic Songs, a collaborative program with BAU Dance & Performance Amsterdam, Keren Levi | NeverLike, Nicole Beutler Projects, Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot & Veem House for Performance which began in 2018.  Combining works in progress alongside established works, we locate inspiration in conversation […]


10X10 December: Interaction

“The theatre is in the city and the city is in the world and its walls are of skin” Marianne Van Kerkhoven. Veem House for Performance is a place for art, politics, ideas and people to meet. It’s a house in the middle of a changing city.  The 10×10 program […]


Art as an Explosive Device: An Interview with Paula Chaves

by Lies Mensink For director, choreographer and activist Paula Chaves art and politics are inextricably entwined. As part of the 3Package Deal between Veem House for Performance, De Balie, and De Ateliers Chaves works under the coalition of ‘Engaged Art’. Chaves: “Here I make ‘engaged art’. Coming from my history […]


November. The first ten days of 10×10

In November Veem House for Performance invites people back within its walls, back into its hospitality and to rejoin as a community. November marks the first month in an extension to the 100 Day house, we are still open for 100 days, but rather 100 days spread over 10 months, […]


10X10 Day House. Ten stories of Veems Future.

Ten times, spread throughout the season and the city, we will manifest ourselves as the house for Dance and Performance in Amsterdam – for its artists, for its audiences, for Amsterdam and for the international community. As a follow-up of the 100 Days statement and the desire to be present […]


POLYPHONIC SONGS 1-2-3 | Igor Dobričić

POLYPHONIC SONGS 1-2-3 On the last days of November 2018 a get together of both emerging and established generations of the dance and performance scene in Amsterdam took place in Veem House for Performance, co-organised with Keren Levi | Neverlike, Nicole Beutler Projects and BAU. The program – that included […]


Veem House Newspaper #3 | Day 100

31st December | Day 100 | end of the 100 Day House #2 Click here to read our last and […]


A conversation with Sarah Vanhee: “The dark is not a place to be afraid of” by Lies Mensink

Before the screening of her film The Making of Justice in Veem House, Sarah Vanhee shows me how fiction can […]


Science Fiction Towards Uncommon Entries and Exits – essay by Helena Grande

During the first half of the 100 Day House we hosted a Reading & Research group in collaboration with nY […]

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