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Veem House for Performance is preparing for a year of transformation

15 December 2023

Veem House is a dynamic space where radical imagination and artistic development unite, providing a global home for mime, dance, and performance artists. With a contemporary focus on the human dimension, we collaborate with artists challenging norms, co-producing programs that reflect contemporary issues. 

Our public program at Veem House includes performances, discursive events, social dinners and sessions to share research, focusing on experimental approaches in dance, mime and performance to provide alternative perspectives.

Committed to sharing space and resources for research and development, we strive to create a sustainable and welcoming environment by constantly adapting to the times, listening to artists’ needs and moving forward.

Starting in 2024, Veem House will transform into an Artist Driven house. From an explicit, clear and open artistic vision and we choose to put control with the creators by not putting creators in a format, but responding to their demand for development. And in the meantime, we also hope to do the necessary maintenance to make the place more sustainable.

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