Summer break – July 2023

Dear reader,

At the end of the season, right before our summer break, we’re reflecting on the past six months. We’ve taken the time to write a recap, which you can find below.

As a final act ✨ before the big break we hope to see you at ROTOR’s premiere on Friday at Over het IJ Festival!

We will update you on our progress after the summer, and in the meantime, we encourage moments of contemplation and imagination during this summer season.

Team Veem House


Reflecting on the past six months, we feel satisfaction and excitement for what we’ve accomplished together with our community of artists and partners. Our focus on policy, productions, and exchange has opened doors for development and collaboration. On the other hand, we’ve been confronted again with the gap in the current system for space and structural support of organizations that focus on research and development in the arts.

To emphasize the importance and to prioritize artistic practice at the heart of the cultural ecosystem we organized a book launch and symposium in partnership with Platform BK and Renée Steenbergen in January. Our commitment to new beginnings was further reinforced by our director’s active participation in a Working Group that aids the Municipality with recommendations for the post-COVID recovery plan and Kunstenplan 2025-2028. As such, we played a significant role in shaping the future of our organization and the broader artistic community. However, we hoped for a quicker implementation of the short-term recommendations.

We are grateful for the productions we realized during this period, particularly the collaboration with artists Flavia Pinheiro, Eloy Cruz del Prado, Elisa Zuppini, Pleuni Veen, Amparo González, Vincent Riebeek, Nica Roses, Stella Kruusamägi, Anthony van Gog and ROTOR.

Anthony van Gog’s exploration of the “selfless body” has challenged our understanding of identity and the self. The Open Studio, featuring performer Evangelos Biskas, presented mesmerizing first steps toward a remarkable piece set to premiere in December 2023.

Flavia Pinheiro’s premiere of the solo dance performance The Unborn captivated us, evoking an “in-between world” with an absent presence and defying gravity. It invites reflection on the fragility and resilience of life, the mysteries of the spirit world, and the desire for continuity.

GARDENING #3 was a memorable moment where all members of GREENHOUSE united, sharing spaces and exchanging insights with other artists. This collaborative effort showcased the power of collective thinking and creation.

Furthermore we look forward to the premiere of ROTOR at Over het IJ (read more above) and we encourage you to read this review (in Dutch) on Vincent Riebeek’s performance that just premiered at Julidans in Amsterdam.

Our focus on exchange has fostered connections between artists and organizations from different cities, promoting artistic research in mime, performance, experimental dance, and choreography. Despite these developments, we emphasize the fragility of Veem House due to insufficient structural financial support. We are positive about the growing interest in project financing for artists but highlight the need for organizational financing and the vital role it plays in matchmaking and expertise exchange for these artists.

As we move forward, we strive for sustainable support and the creation of a more sustainable in-between space for development.


14, 15, 16, 18, 19 July | ROTOR #3 – Sisyphus machine by ROTOR | Over het IJ, Amsterdam, NL | tickets & info

1 & 3 August | La Caresse du Coma ft. YOLO by Anne Lise Le Gac | ImPulsTanz, Vienna, AUT | tickets & info

15-17 August | Ways of being ready by Hendrik Vanmaele | Berlin Circus Festival, Berlijn, DE | tickets & info

30 September | ROTOR #3 – Sisyphus machine by ROTOR | Korzo, Den Haag NL | tickets & info

1 February 2024 | ROTOR #3 – Sisyphus machine by ROTOR | De Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg NL

6 & 7 February 2024 | ROTOR #3 – Sisyphus machine by ROTOR | Theater Kikker, Utrecht NL

TBA | Omni Toxica by Paula Chaves Bonilla

TBA | Body Drift by Mami Kang

More dates and locations to be announced for ROTOR #3 – Sisyphus machine

JULY 14, 15, 16, 18, 19


ALMOST! This Friday house artist ROTOR premieres with their new physical mime performance ROTOR #3 – Sisyphus Machine at Over het IJ Festival! A depiction of the timeless struggle and quest for freedom, inspired by Albert Camus’ reading of the Myth of Sisyphus. ROTOR faces meaninglessness, and will take you on a physical journey of self-discovery and introspection.

Get your tickets here and join us💥

ROTOR #3 – Sisyphus Machine is a production of Veem House for Performance and Schweigman&, and co-production of Over het IJ.