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Secret Menu

It’s spring time and Veem House welcomes the dance students of SNDO 3 and ECD 2! On April 12th, 13th, 19th and 20th they will present the outcome of their working period at Veem House under the title Secret Menu. SNDOxECD is a project where students of two dance departments of […]


Veem House for Performance is preparing for a year of transformation

Veem House is a dynamic space where radical imagination and artistic development unite, providing a global home for mime, dance, and performance artists. With a contemporary focus on the human dimension, we collaborate with artists challenging norms, co-producing programs that reflect contemporary issues.  Our public program at Veem House includes […]


ROTOR #3 – Sisyphus Machine | ROTOR

A ladder with no ending. A cyclical machine of repetition. Two bodies that relate to it, over and over again. ROTOR #3 – Sisyphus Machine is ROTOR’s new physical mime performance: a depiction of the timeless struggle and quest for freedom, inspired by Albert Camus’ reading of the Myth of […]