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ROTOR #3 – Sisyphus Machine | ROTOR

A ladder with no ending. A cyclical machine of repetition. Two bodies that relate to it, over and over again. ROTOR #3 – Sisyphus Machine is ROTOR’s new physical mime performance: a depiction of the timeless struggle and quest for freedom, inspired by Albert Camus’ reading of the Myth of […]


Body Drift | Mami Kang

With the performance Body Drift, choreographer Mami Kang intends to create a state of constant morphing. With dream-like fragments, voice, sound and movement, the work imagines dance as something that transcends human exceptionalism and brings an altered vibrancy. An assembled figure encompasses a multilayered spiritual microcosm. It resists the economy […]


Crowdkill | Anthony van Gog

The Belgium-based performance maker Anthony van Gog is a graduate of the Performance Study of the Theater Academy in Maastricht (2019). After creating two ‘physical scores’, Breathing Piece together with Maarten Heijnens (2019) and the subsequent Heartscore (2021), Anthony is now focussing on the creation of a new physical performance Crowdkill, in co-production […]