In 2017 Veem House for Performance decided to transform to the “100 Day House”. 100 Days this is a house at work. 100 Days a place for art, politics, ideas and people to meet. For the remaining 265 days Veem performs a black-out. 265 days of no public programs, 265 days of ‘non-work’, 265 days a problem made visible, a house disappearing, a silence, a form of resistance. We are now in the third period of black-out as 265 days of darkness. 

A situation that disorients your senses 

and demands doing things differently.

An embrace of the unknown.

A cloak. 

Half the world is always dark. 

Fantasy, like poetry, speaks the language of the night.

It’s no lack of vision, but a different kind of vision.

Practice patience. 

Resist easy solutions. 

How does darkness taste?

Trust it.

Trust as a verb.

Darkness as a verb.

Do not overproduce.


(make no) Sense. 

Hold your neighbor's hand.

If you fall asleep don't fight it - dreaming might well be the way. 

A fleeting presence. 

A hole in time.

Making the invisible visible.

Enter a dark theater alone, take a seat and see what can’t be known yet.

Do you see that speck of light in the furthest corner? 

Follow that light with your tired eyes. It’s been a long day, 

I know, but keep looking at this glimpse of light.

In pitch darkness, darkness is what we see at least. 

Do you remember the moment it arrived? 

The dark is a place where everything is still possible. Where everything is still to come. It is not a place to be afraid of. Darkness is the place we need to go back to. To find each other.