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10X10 December: Interaction

23 November 2019

“The theatre is in the city and the city is in the world and its walls are of skin”

Marianne Van Kerkhoven.

Veem House for Performance is a place for art, politics, ideas and people to meet. It’s a house in the middle of a changing city. 

The 10×10 program in December is all about interaction. Through performances, the Veem House Dinner, the Long Now Lab and many encounters with artists and audience, we investigate how an ‘Art House’ relates to the changing city and its stories. Co-curator of this 10-days is the MOHA Project. They will complete their series of Unfolding Routines, this time giving a special insight to themselves. We will be welcoming fellow art houses ZK/U from Berlin, CCA Glasgow and Globe Aroma from Brussels reflect and talk with us.