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10X10 February: space

26 January 2020

Our 10 x 10 in February foregrounds the need for time and space. Time and space often make the difference, both in art and in daily life. Everything that has the capacity to grow, prospers and benefits from it. During our February 10 x 10 days, we are opening our doors and schedules for two residencies: Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen & Antonia Steffens and Hidde Aans-Verkade & Koen van der Heijden. Each at a different point in a working process, they will take time to further investigate their subject matter and its staging. Next to this we invite Billy Mullaney to take time for his durational performance Never Never Never Ever Never Never Ever Never Ever Ever EVER Ever EVER Give Up Unless It Gets Too Hard.

To embed these residencies and the theme of the 10 Days at Veem House, we give space to Pankaj Tiwari to host the Veem Dinner, we organize an Open Studio and two Work in Progress Double Bills in the end of the residence. Again MOHA will host the Long Now Lab about care as a recurring element of our 10 day program.