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Feel welcome

17 February 2022 — by Veem House for Performance

At Veem House we aim to provide a safe and welcoming space for everyone, with an inclusive, respectful atmosphere.

The building in which Veem House is situated is wheelchair accessible. Are you in a wheelchair? Or do you need help entering the building? Please send an email to in advance and one of our team members will be happy to assist you. We have an adapted toilet available and at the front of the building (Van Diemenstraat) is a parking spot for people with a disabilty.

Unwanted behavior
Unwanted behavior, whether it concerns racism, discrimination, sexism or exclusion will not be tolerated. This also goes for diruptive behavior during performances – loudness/rudeness is disrespectful towards artists and other audience members present and can result in being expelled from the space (and a visting ban).

If you did (unfortunately) experience unwanted behavior at Veem House, please feel invited to tell a Veem House employee. We will handle it discreetly.

From February 25, 2022, almost all measures in the field of covid-19 will be abandoned. Visitors no longer need a coronatoegangsbewijs (QR code) to visit Veem House. It will no longer be necessary to keep 1.5 meters distance from others and visitors do not have to wear facemasks. We do urge people to stay home if any covid-19 related symptoms occur.

If you have a ticket for an activity and you can’t come because you’re not feeling well, or tested positive for covid-19, or were in close contact with someone who tested positive for covid-19, please contact Let us know as soon as possible, at least an hour in advance, as we do not give refunds for cancellations made less than an hour before the start of the activity.