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In graphs we trust

29 May 2020

We are living in a time of uncertainty, continuously adjusting, and finding new routines. In times of insecurity we tend to cling to what we know: hard facts, numbers, and statistics. The graph is an image that can shape our experience and understanding: from increasing lines to flattening curves. But it can also be a poetic form, a way to communicate not just with words but through shapes, lines, waves and much more. We’ve decided to explore the discourse of the graph. We’ve asked some people in our community to reflect and communicate their experience through poetic graphs, to communicate their time and experience through an alternative imaginative form ✨. 

Graph #1 is from theater maker and performer Rob Smorenberg, who is currently in residence at Veem House working solely on his new performance ‘2020’. A coproduction of Veem House and De Warme Winkel.

We will be sharing more graphs in the coming weeks on Facebook and Instagram. Inspired? Please feel free to share your graph with us and the Veem-community!