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An attendee (sold out)

Antonia Steffens

Through a set of spaces and moments An attendee explores the potential relationship of the human species to relate to the grounds it is existing upon. It looks for that “gap” space, where neither “the one” nor “the other” exists, but primarily its interference pattern. 

The ground and performer appear to alter one another to find details and fractures of missing links, information and memory. In the catacombs of western patriotism, where eco-feminism is bonding with fascism and late (and tired) capitalism, the performing materials are still restlessly vibrating. An echo, an echo, can never, can never, be taken, be taken, back, back.

In this zone, the work searches for an area alongside different materials and conversations, hoping to sense possible ways of “attending”, even in great impossibility and uncertainty.

Referenced attendees of this work are the artists Alina Popa, Ana Mendieta, Camille Claudel, Chantal Akerman and Teresa Winter.

About Antonia Steffens

Antonia Steffens (Germany, 1992) is an Amsterdam based performer, dramaturg and advisor. She studied contemporary dance and choreography in Cologne and Amsterdam. In her practice, Antonia looks for a dialogue in between spectatorship and material, often to be found in an environment made out of movement, objects, materials, light and sound. Antonia’s recent interest lies in researching ways of attention that exceed the separate/binary idea of subjectivity and focuses on the concept of co-emergence.

26 November 2020


27 November 2020


28 November 2020


Ticket: €12

Ticket try-out: €8


November 26th, 20h00 (try-out)

November 27th, 20h00 (premiere)

November 28th, 20h00

An attendee is a co-production of Veem House for Performance and Nicole Beutler Projects. Veem House for Performance and Nicole Beutler Projects are collaborating on the development of GREENHOUSE, a new sustainable talent development network for innovative dance, performance and mime. Network partners are: Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot, Keren Levi|NeverLike and BAU platform for dance and performance.

10×10 November: Movement

From the 26th of November till the 5th of December it is time for our last 10×10 edition. Exactly one year ago we started to unfold the 10 stories of Veem’s Future by hosting a monthly 10-day program. This last edition is all about Movement. From dance to discours, through workshops and activism you can enjoy the works & practices of Antonia Steffens, Keerthi Basavarajaiah, Raoni Muzho Saleh, Nico Roses, Mami Kang, Matthew Day & Paula Chaves.

The November 10×10 program is co-curated by Amsterdam based choreographers/performers Antonia Steffens and Keerthi Basavarajaiah. Co-curation will form a recurring part of our methodology as we work to embed new perspectives into the internal structures. Read more…

We will stick to the corona measures during all of our activities to ensure your wellbeing in our care. Read more about our regulations in our safety protocol

Choreography and Performance:
Antonia Steffens

Set design:
Nikola Knezevic, Antonia Steffens

Sound design:
Antonia Steffens (sources: Teresa Winter, Free sound Archive)

Light design:
Paulina Prokop

Ginta Tinte

Keerthi Basavarajaiah

Produced by:
Veem House for Performance

Co-produced by:
Nicole Beutler Projects