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Constructions of my interior

Sam Scheuermann

Wrapped inside the safe surroundings of four plexiglass walls, two figures keep moving their interior. In a continuous movement of sliding and shifting, they try to shape their inner world. Searching for a relationship to the things around them, they move in order not to be moved.

The COVID-19 crisis has brought our accelerating world into a strange vacuum of humming movement and slumbering stillness. A situation where we are confronted with an uncontrollable large network of action and reaction, in which we take part. As a movement without beginning or end, Constructions of my interior shows a constellation of shared responsibility and dependence. Where one does not exist without the other, and inside not without outside, everything and everyone is part of the same dance of things.

Constructions of my interior is the third performance-installation situated in the transparent vivarium in a series about mankind on display, following Nomaden (Nomads) and Goden (Gods).

17 November 2021


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About Sam Scheuermann

Sam Scheuermann (1994) is an interdisciplinary performance artist from the Netherlands. Within the grey zone between theatre and visual arts, she is researching the performativity of space. Starting from the question ‘Who am I in relation to my surroundings?’, she analyses physical and social spaces and constellations. The codes in these ‘spaces’ have a big influence on the way we move, relate, position and present ourselves. By handling these codes visual and physical performances and installations emerge that question the relation between performer and spectator. From this new space she invites the spectator to reflect on their place in the here and now. Read more…


Concept and direction
Sam Scheuermann
Koen van der Heijden and Sam Scheuermann
Jasmijn van Wijnen
Sound design
Krijn Moons
Light design & technical producer
Paulina Prokop
Special thanks to
Lotte van den Berg, Rachel Feuchtwang, Kelvin Pater, Raïssa Pater and Erik
van de Wijdeven
Made possible by
PLAN Brabant, NORMA Corona Fonds and AFK
Lara Maassen and Betje Stevens