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Lands of Concert

Jija Sohn

Lands of Concert is presented in collaboration with Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond.

Lands of Concert is a living practice by Jija Sohn in collaboration with Andrea Zavala Folache, Lucy Wilke, Oneka Von Schrader and Julia Reist. They work on a continuous reshaping of body-mind territories, an exploration to break through established personal, cultural and theatrical codes and boundaries.

They create a space where the lines between instructing and performing and between staging and witnessing are blurred. It is an ever unfolding landscape, physically exploring the notion of the other and the intimacy we can find there. Lands of Concert is inviting the audience to come on this journey of fantasies, questions and collective care. The performers propose different protocols of giving – and receiving and guide the public to be part of a topography of ‘elevated actions’ where movements, sounds and objects are continuously shifting, losing their initial formal and defined boundaries. It is an invitation to an experience of liquid roles and relationships that change the immediate present we are in.

Sharing Practices workshop
On the 20th of November, Jija will give a workshop as part of the ‘Sharing Practices’ event at Veem House in which she will give an insight into her work method.

23 November 2021



24 November 2021



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Jija Sohn, Andrea Zavala Folache, Lucy Wilke, Oneka Von Schrader & Julia Reist
Performed by
Antonia Steffens & Lucy Wilke
Performing assistents
Jija Sohn & Julia Reist
Composition, Soundscape & Performer
Oneka Von Schrader
Scenography & Costumes
Rosemarie Allaert
Sabine Cmelniski
Light design
Vinny Jones
Creative production/Conceptual & dramaturgical advisor
arp:works / Julia Reist
Dans Brabant (NL), with support of PLAN, Kunstencentrum Buda (BE) & Kunstencentrum Vooruit (BE)
Supported by
Boulevard Theater Festival (NL), i-Portunus, Batard Festival (BE), Need Company (BE), Kaai Theater & de Brakke Grond (NL)
CSC (IT), Tanzhaus (CH), Dans Brabant (NL), Festival Boulevard (NL), Dansatelier (NL), City of Women (SK) & Need Company (BE)

The two performances at Veem House are made possible by Kickstart Cultuurfonds.