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Veem House Dinner #sustainability


Whether you’re asked to pass the salt or to hold out your plate: the simple act of sharing a meal brings people together. This is why we organize Veem House Dinners, to share food and stories. These carefully curated dinners trigger our imagination and curiosity as much as they trigger taste buds. No Veem House Dinner is alike, as we engage with different themes, mix up ingredients, and guests.

On the 18th of September, on World Cleanup Day, we invite you into an imaginary future for a playful dinner.  World Cleanup Day is a day where we try to hide our traces by cleaning up trash. In a time where the human impact is becoming more and more apparent, we try to imagine what the food of the future will look like. This Veem House Dinner we ask ourselves: What won’t go to waste? 

For the Veem House Dinners we collaborate with House Artist MOHA Project. Their open and caring approach is the secret ingredient for these coming dinners. 


MOHA is an Amsterdam-based artist collective who create performances, present workshops, devise publications, and propose alternative curatorial models. Operating outside conventional art institutions, MOHA works in public spaces and with specific communities, aiming to shatter our personal bubbles and connecting with the day-to-day realities of people we might never otherwise encounter.

18 September 2021

€ 7.50

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